Flame Grilled Aussie Beef

Our Better Beef Guarantee means we’ve said no. No to any additives, preservatives, colorants or fillers. The only thing we add is flame grilling, which gives our burgers their delicious, smoky, BBQ flavour. The smoky flavour you just can’t get from pan-frying.

Real Food


Every burger is freshly made to order. Freshness is everything at Hungry Jack’s. Our Aussie beef is flame-grilled in our restaurants and served with our fresh, crisp salads.
Grill Masters Smoky BBQ Angus
Grill Masters Smoky BBQ Angus

All our recipes are created by a chef who balances the flavours and ingredients, right down to the pickle. Then we taste test with thousands of Aussie burger lovers and serve it up the way you like it.

Hungry Jack's signature burger range means you can select the perfect serving size. Choose Grill Masters thick, juicy pure Angus patty (over 1/3 pound), or our classic Whopper® in single, double or triple.